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America’s Favorite Sweet Onion

Welcome to the Official Home of Vidalia Onions, not just America’s Favorite Sweet Onion but the Pioneer of All Sweet Onions.

In Georgia, we’re very proud of our famous seasonal treat. We’ve come a long way since the accidental discovery of the Vidalia onion variety in the 1930s. While still hand planted and hand harvested, you no longer have to travel to South Georgia each spring and summer to purchase this flavorful, mild onion.

You can still Order Vidalias or Order Vidalia Products by mail, but now Georgia’s Official State Vegetable is available annually from late April through mid September in grocery stores across the country.

Just remember, there’s a reason Vidalias are so sweet, and…

If it says Vidalia, you know it’s the Original Sweet Onion only from Georgia


Vidalia onions aren’t just the most famous onions in the world; I think they may be the only famous onions in the world.

Bobby Flay - Chef Bobby Flay, "Postcard from Vidalia, Georgia" Bobby Flay Cooks American