Annual Awards

In 1991, the Vidalia® Onion Committee began to annually honor one individual with induction into the Vidalia Onion Hall of Fame. The Committee considers the recipient’s character, reputation and overall contribution to the growth and success of the Vidalia onion.

Hall of Fame Award

Vidalia Onion Hall of Fame Inductees must be a leader in one or more of the following areas:

  • Protecting and promoting the name of the Vidalia onion
  • Protecting and promoting the quality of the Vidalia onion
  • Advertising and promotion of the Vidalia onion
  • Creative sales methods for Vidalia onions
  • Research and growth development of the Vidalia onion
  • Demonstrating dedication to the success of the Vidalia brand an the industry as a whole
Gerald Dasher 2012 Buck Shuman 2012
Delwin Dowdy 2010 L.G. “Bo” Herndon, Jr. 2011
Danny New 2009 Bob Stafford 2009
Doyle Smittle 2008 Earlie Jordan 2008
Mose Coleman, Sr. 2008 Rodney Taylor Stanley, Sr. 2007
Bill Brown 2006 Raymond Bland 2005
Robert Redding 2004 Ben Jack McDilda 2003
Bobby Harris 2002 Dr. Gale Buchanan 2001
Reid Torrence 2000 W.J. Grimes 1999
Fisher Barfoot 1998 Janice Grimes 1997
Jim Hilderbrandt 1996 Jim Bridges 1995
Lindsay Thomas 1994 Maxwell Smith 1993
Charles McRae 1992 Tommy Irvin 1991
Gerald Achenbach 1990

Grower of the Year Award

The Vidalia® Onion Committee also awards an annual “Grower of the Year” award. The Grower of the Year Award is to recognize overall achievement/success as a producer of Vidalia onions. The emphasis of this award is on quality, production, and ability to work within the confines of the Marketing Order.

  • Is a registered Vidalia onion grower
  • Is not an active member of the Vidalia®; Onion Committee
  • Has submitted reports and payments to the Committee in a timely manner
  • Has had no or few consumer complaints to the Committee Office
  • Conforms to the standards set forth in Federal Marketing Order #955
  • Enhances and supports the brand recognition of Vidalia onions
Jason Herndon 2015 McLain Farms 2014
Dry Branch Farms 2013 Ray Farms 2012
Alan Sikes 2011 Delbert Bland 2010
Terry Gerrald 2009 L. G. “Bo” Herndon, Jr. 2008
R. T. Stanley, Jr. 2007 Wayne Douberly 2006
Larry Powell 2005 Gerald & Robert Dasher 2004
James McLain 2003 Terry Collins 2002
J. W. Beasley 2001 Eddie Wright 2000
Jim Cowart 1999 W. J. Grimes 1998
Delwin Dowdy 1997 R.L. Cato 1996
R. E. Hendrix 1995 Mike McKinley 1994
Raymond Bland 1993 Adger Kicklighter 1992
Wade Usher 1991