Vidali1&@174; Onions

Federal Marketing Order

The Vidalia® Onion Committee (VOC) administers Federal Marketing Order #955, Vidalia onions, with oversight by the United States Department of Agriculture. This legislation and thus the Vidalia® Onion Committee office was established in 1989 under the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 and is codified in Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 955.

The VOC has authority to assess a mandatory assessment on all handlers in the production area to fund production research, marketing research and development, and marketing promotion programs, including paid advertising.

The VOC administers the federal marketing order locally and consists of eight producer members and their alternates and one public member and an alternate. Committee members serve staggered two-year terms of office that begin January 1. Half of the producer members are nominated each year. Members are Limited to three two-year terms of office. Producer members are nominated by producers at an industry-wide nomination meeting.


The development and marketing of the Vidalia onion is one of the truly best culinary events of the last 50 years!

- Mr. M. Philbin. Clearwater, FL