Guy with onion

Food Safety

The Importance of Quality and Food Safety

The best soil, the highest grade seeds and precise growing, harvesting and storage methods. Vidalia growers don’t skimp on any of these steps, which is why they are just as quality-driven when it comes to food safety, ensuring a flavorful and safe product from their fields to your table.

The industry employs the most stringent food safety techniques including:

• Third-party food safety certified at field and packing facilities
• Tissue, soil, and pesticide residue sampling
• Trace recall capabilities

Interestingly, the husks brushed off during grading are simply the dried outermost rings of the onion bulb and not a separate skin like most fruits and vegetables have. These protective outer layers make all onions better for consumers: the outer rings keep out chemicals, making onions the #1 safest fruit or veggie in produce studies.


The only thing better than a Georgia peach is a VIDALIA onion!!!

- M. Jones. Royal Palm Beach, FL