Harvesting Process

Harvesting typically occurs from late April through mid-June. The delicate nature of Vidalia onions means they must be predominately harvested by hand. To ensure consistent quality, the Georgia Department of Agriculture worked with the Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service, a third-party crop inspection service, to create and implement the Vidalia Onion Quality Control Inspection Program.

Once they reach maturity in the fields, Vidalia onions undergo a nine-step process before reaching grocery stores.

  • Undercut onions to unearth
  • Cure (air dry) for 2-3 days
  • Clip off tops and roots
  • Bag in burlap sacks or bins
  • Transport to warehouse
  • Dry in industrial drying rooms
  • Grade for quality
  • Bag or box
  • Ship

In the spring of 2014, the Vidalia Onion Committee invited food bloggers and media from around the country to join them for an in-depth look at Vidalia onions during harvest season. Throughout the weekend, the bloggers were able to see how Vidalias are harvested by hand, how they are sorted and packed, as well as exposed to the versatility of the onion in recipes and cooking. Click here to watch a recap video from the weekend farm and field tour.

2014 Farm and Field Tour


Love those Vidalia onions; hate to see the season end.

- S. Swartz. Largo, FL