Why We’re Seasonal

Why are Vidalia Onions not available year round?

Because onions are available in stores year round, they may seem low maintenance and abundant, but their extreme sensitivity to the hours of sunlight actually makes them a complex vegetable to grow.

One farmer stated that every onion is like a clock measuring day length: “It all depends on latitude. You can’t simply plant onions based on what kind you want to eat. You have to take into account what will grow at your latitude.” This is particularly true with Vidalias.

All onions form a bulb (the part you eat) as the days grow longer. Our Vidalia onions form this bulb with relatively short days, about 11-12 hours. Other onions grown in more northern latitudes are called intermediate or long-day onions. They form bulbs during longer days and are planted in the spring and harvested in summer or fall.

Because our onions bulb only during relatively short days we grow them as a winter crop, which explains why Vidalias will always be a seasonal treat only available in the spring and summer months.